Discover the Undiscovered in Rwanda by taking the short 1 Day Rwanda Gorilla Trekking Holiday with Cheap Rwanda Safaris managered by Active African Vacations.

What to Know about Rwanda Before you Take a Gorilla Trekking Adventure in Volcanoes

Although Rwanda is a small country, it is unique and beautiful due to tourism attractions of which some cannot be found elsewhere. Some people call it the land of a thousand hills due to the nature of the land scape. In 1994, the country suffered a serious death. Many people died in the genocide which took place between the Hutu and the Tutsi.

It is so surprising that the country has recovered very first from the genocide which ruined the country years back. The country is known to be a home to endangered Mountain gorillas and it is the main tourism attraction in the country.

Besides mountain gorillas, the country is rich in other wild life like elephants, buffaloes, antelopes, other primates and bird life and most of it is Albertine rift endemics. All those attractions can be found in three national parks Akagera national, Volcano national park and Nyungwe National park.

Since Rwanda is a small country, some of her tourism attractions do not need to drive long. Even in one day you can visit an attraction and come back that same day. Putting aside city tours, that itinerary cannot be done in some other countries.

The major tourism attraction in Rwanda can be visited in one day. I.e. mountain gorillas. A guide picks you very early in the morning like at 4: 00 am and drives you to Ruhengeri the home of gorillas; you reach at 6:00 am at kinigi for briefing. At the briefing point you are given coffee and entertained by the Banyarwanda cultural group.

After briefing you are transferred at the park boundary where the tracking starts. You can track for about 1 -4 hours depending on the movement of the group. You are allowed to stay with the group for one hour and descend back to the park headquarter.

The guide will drive you back to Kigali for your flight back home. The experience is a life time and you will never regret the $750 USD you pay for the permit. Gorillas and chimpanzees are close relatives of ours. Nothing can explain the experience of standing aside the huge silver back with grey hair at the back. It is the leader of the family and controls the group.

The mountain gorillas can be found in three countries which share the virunga massif, Rwanda Uganda and DR Congo. Besides gorillas virunga is a home to other primates like the golden monkeys which are also endangered and they are rarely found elsewhere.

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