Last year I went to Kenya for a 6 Days Wildlife Safari Adventure Holiday with a Kenyan Tour Operator by Names of Jocky Tours this Year I contacted Jocky Tours to offer me a Rwanda Gorilla Trek adventure and they recommended me to Rwanda Gorilla Trek and the Kenya trip was very good and not too much expensive like the 2 Days Rwanda Gorilla Trek.

I booked my 2 Days Rwanda Gorilla Trek for my short Rwanda Mountain Gorilla Trekking in Volcanoes National Park with Rwanda Gorilla Trek and I can honestly say they are FANTASTIC!!!!!! And it was worthy my Money that I paid as they explained to me that on that that money there was a fee for the Gorilla permit costing USD 750 and Overnight Lodge and Ground Transportation from Kigali to Volcanoes and Back to Kigali with Lunch inclusive. I worked with the reservation and I was handled by Maggie and this was wonderful Safari to Rwanda to trek the rare Mountain Gorillas in the World due to the fact that they are found in Uganda, Rwanda, Congo and my 2 Days Rwanda Gorilla Trek was short but worth the money I had paid to the company and Maggie was great. I went by myself at the end of May.

Upon my arrival on Kigali airport I was welcomed by Billy who was going to be my guide and Maggie took me through how the trip will be and this was wonderful is what I can say. He drove me to the hotel they had booked for me and early morning we started the journey to Volcanoes National Park with simple Visits to the cultural sites and Remains of the genocide Memorials in Rwanda and this was not bad too and we arrived in Ruhengeri in evening hours for Dinner and Overnight at Kinigi Guest House. Early in the Morning Billy picked me up after my Morning breakfast and we headed to the park headquarters for overview guiding about the dos and don’ts s for Gorilla Trekking in Volcanoes National Park. Billy did all the best to see that I get the Gorilla Family to trek and this was wonderful for me.

At around 8:40 am we entered the jungle forest and started to look for the Mountain Gorillas in the Forest of Volcanoes and when we arrived at them I took the best pictures and this was wonderful which proved to me that Rwandan Gorilla Trek should be more expensive compared to Wild life Adventures to Kenya, Tanzania and I would like to Advise you that Never Compare the Price of African Wildlife Safari quotes to Gorilla Trek Quotes in Rwanda as it comes with great experience that you can never find somewhere else if not Uganda, Congo and Rwanda. 2 Days Rwanda Gorilla Trek is fantastic and very responsive. My driver/guide named Billy was with me most of my 2 Days in Rwanda and he has a great personality and had a lot of information to share about Gorilla Trekking in Volcanoes. What I can only say is that I have good things on my 2 Days Rwanda Gorilla Trek trip. I highly recommend booking through Rwanda Gorilla Trek site which is managered by the Company known as active African Vacations.