In the past few years I left renting cars when am traveling from worldwide Car Rental Firms and I now prefer using the Locally based Car Rental in Rwanda  and this this when I was traveling to Rwanda I choose Self Drive Rwanda that I found through the Google Search Results when I was looking for the car rental agency in Kigali and I emailed Self Drive Rwanda Via their contact form and Alex Responded to me and the next question was where the company was based and he told its Rwandan Based and Mongered by a Travel Company Known as Lets Go Tours Rwanda and this was the first step in reserving my car fleet with Self Drive Rwanda

Self Drive Rwanda offered me a great, a present I received email from Alex that my car has been reserved and He made sure that my Rwanda Safari trip down memory lane was a wonderful experience to have tested Driving in Rwanda with the Car Rental Fleet from Self Drive Rwanda and u can also Reserve a car from them as you test their services too like I did. 4x4Rav4 is in wonderful condition & fun to drive in Rwanda has Rwanda Drives cars of the latest Modes and that’s why their cars are expensive to be rented and its why the company charges USD 70 Per Day and they give the services worth the Value. We appreciated the Rwanda Road tips on a route to take & the quiet, scenic roads of the area are perfect for Rav4. I was sorry to say goodbye. I booked “Rav4” as part of Kenya weekend away, we had a super time in this classic Economical car, visiting some of the beauty spots in the local area, Gorilla Trekking and Golden Monkey Viewing were the Highlight of the day for our Rwanda Road Trip adventure we had wishes Self Drive Rwanda. The Bad thing that we had is that the company did not advise us to visit Akagera National park on our own without a guide because of the wild Elephants like that of South Africa that Clashed the Car for the Tourists that were on self Drive.
Self Drive Rwanda Staff are lovely people and I truly recommend that you try their Services and its better that you also share your experience like the way I have done. Good Bye Self Drive Rwanda and Rwanda Development Broad thanks for having the Mountain Gorillas Permits and having proper Rules and Guidelines for Gorilla Trekking in Volcanoes National park.