Last year I was in Rwanda with my father for Rwanda Gorilla Tour for Gorilla Trekking . We opted a group that was a bit near and our ‘trek’ was actually more of a 30 minute leisurely walk than a ‘trek’. The gorillas tend to move around a lot so you never know. However, after doing it myself and talking to many other people who trekked to other families, I really believe that anyone can do the trek.

There were people of all ages and fitness levels and the guides are very patient and does everything they can to ensure you have a good experience. The porters are phenomenally helpful and can help you over any type of terrain and up any mountain without even breaking a sweat and always with a smile on their face!

We agreed to go to Rwanda more because it was something on my bucket list. We hope to come back and enjoy this experience.

After Rwanda we went to Uganda but for wildlife. We visited Queen Elizabeth national park. My father was so excited with the tree climbing lions in Ishasha. They sleep comfortably in the fig trees. This really comes down to what you must want to see and do. For me the gorillas were a must. In Uganda, we really wanted to focus on game viewing. Once you’ve narrowed down the type of experiences you want while you’re there, it may be easier to choose the country.

Choosing these two countries, we first checked on the trip advisor and got useful information that helped us a lot to arrange our trip. Use chose to use Rwanda gorilla trek because it had good reviews and actually they arranged everything professionally i highly recommend them.

On coming back, we opt to do self drive while touring. This is because we have ever been in most the destinations; therefore we know the roads and the driving conditions most especially in Rwanda and Uganda. It will be a wonderful holiday and this time we are going to many in a group.

Africa is so lovely and gifted with a abundant wild life, vegetation, birds and many more. For anyone who have never been to Africa just give it a try, you will never regret because of the many attractions which can be found elsewhere in the world.