Gorillas are maimed or killed by traps set for other animals.

Abduction of infants for illegal selling to zoos and as pets. This often results in other adult gorillas being killed in the process.

Conservation efforts

Increased patrolling using armed guards in protected forest areas

Karisoke guards find and remove some 1,000 snares each year.

Gorilla censuses to monitor gorilla population

Karisoke Research Centre runs a facility for young gorillas rescued from poachers.

Habitat loss

Rapidly expanding human settlements are removing the gorilla habitat.

Fragmentation of forested areas has resulted in the isolation of gorilla groups from each other, reducing genetic diversity.

Conservation efforts

Expansion of areas of national park to protect habitat


Regular contact of tourists with the gorillas allows transmission of diseases from humans to the gorillas.

Domestic animals and livestock also contribute to disease transmission.